It would be foolish for us to provide a list of CTAs (call to action statements), which would prove effective. Every business strategy, message, and marketing plan is different, and there is no “right way” to write a CTA. But we’ll try to guide you into writing an effective CTA that will ensure more business crossing your doorstep.

Customers are much more sophisticated today than they used to be back when “Call Today” used to suffice. First off, respect your customer. Understand that they are human beings who have a need or a problem and they are looking for a solution.

Don’t jump straight into what seems to be a win-lose for you. People are wary of listening to a marketing message that yells “call, buy, or what are you waiting for?” Instead, customers expect a proper business to give them proper respect and the ability to make a choice.

Don’t yell, help.

Ask yourself the question: what is of value to your customer? What need do they have and you would be able to fulfill? What is important in your industry specifically? For instance, speed may be of great importance in the heating and cooling field, but no so much in real estate. Tailor your message to meet the needs and problems your customers are facing, and your CTA should following this pattern.

Remember that car wraps are not only about CTAs. They are about branding, reinforcement, and recognition. Don’t overdo your message with CTAs. Allow the customer to make the decision and perhaps recognize the car next time they see it.

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