Cars, trucks, vans, buses, trains, trolleys, small and commuter aircraft, helicopters, boats, kayaks, canoes, and jet skis are just a few of the vehicles that may have custom wraps and graphics put to them. If the graphics wraps are for commercial use, they turn the cars into moving billboards advertising a particular brand, product, or service. Yes, it is a good source of marketing.

Unlike paint, all wraps are computer-generated patterns that are produced on huge vinyl panels and then placed by the hands of trained installers to shape the vehicle’s surfaces. Full wraps cover the whole surface and totally change the look and feel, whereas partial coverage just covers a portion of the surface. When partial wraps are done correctly, they incorporate the car’s base color into the pattern. Windows can also be covered with a different material so that they can be seen through from the inside while maintaining the image from the outside.

Vehicle wraps are a high-value advertising option, and with the right designer, the possibilities for conveying a clear and eye-catching marketing message are endless. Car wraps provide the firm a professional image that boosts their reputation and visibility as they drive about.

Vehicle wraps bring up new opportunities for outdoor advertising by providing small and big businesses with a cost-effective marketing tool for high-visibility message placement on congested city streets, highways, and almost everywhere they drive and park. For a service firm that goes from worksite to Jobsite, travel time has suddenly become a significant marketing opportunity, not to mention that when on-site, you are promoting to the neighbors who will most likely require your services and remember your competent company.

Several studies conducted over the last decade have all concluded that car wraps are the most cost-effective type of advertising available today. According to research by 3M, a firm would have to spend more than $130,000 on television advertisements to achieve the same annual impressions as a $3,500-$5,000 car wrap.

The benefits of a bespoke vehicle wrap will help any firm that employs vehicles, trucks, or vans in their everyday operations. You already own the space; therefore you won’t have to pay an ad agency to rent this important advertising space. Many billboard firms charge anything from $800 to $5,000 per month for out-of-the-way sites; you already own the space on your cars to reach thousands of people every day. Furthermore, unlike billboards, there are no recurring monthly fees, only one-time upfront costs.

Wrapping up:

Car wraps and vehicle graphics are revolutionizing the world of advertising and marketing. Vehicle wraps are more affordable than traditional advertising and provide excellent marketing tools for all businesses. Vehicle wraps should be seriously considered by any firms that employ cars as vital marketing, advertising, and promotion option.

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