Car wraps can be one of the most effective and efficient way to get the word out there. Mobile advertising (what marketers call the category of advertising vehicle wraps fall in) is an extremely powerful way to get a message across within a large geographic area. Vehicle wraps also have one of the lowest cost-per-impressions rates of any form of advertisement, with some estimates around $0.04 per 1000 impressions. This is extremely cost-efficient given that billboards fall around $2.05 per 1000 impressions, a huge difference (Source: https://www.bpsoutdoor.com/blog/?p=3).

Some estimates of car wrap impressions range from 30k to 80k per day; however, this is dependent on where the car travels and the amount of time it spends in traffic.

Lastly, car wraps are a long term investment and will look fresh for years. This means that a one-time cost will continue to advertise your business constantly every time the car is observed.

Car wraps are also an unobtrusive way to advertise without blocking a customer’s view with unwanted ads (TV, radio, or billboards). They do not change the landscape, the environment or the medium that the user is seeing the ad in.

Impression (marketing): how many times an ad has been seen.

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