If we look at different types of advertising techniques, such as print, radio, product placement, digital marketing, outdoor or vehicle, a car wrap (or vehicle advertisements) is the only type of marketing that cannot be ignored, thrown away, overlooked of blocked.

Think about how many times you’ve clicked that Skip Ad button on YouTube. Exactly.

Here’s a quick list of why vehicle advertisements, or wrapping a car is an essential business practice for effective marketing:

  1. Car wraps are easy-to-see and pretty much sit in front of you.

    • People aren’t forced to look at a car wrap, but when you’re in traffic, whether you want to or not, you will look at the car in front of you and a car wrap gets the message across.
  2. Car wraps stand out.

    • Car wraps stand out, especially the ones we design. The majority of the cars out there have simple, single-tone colors (silver, white, black, red, yellow –> boring). Car wraps by contrast, if well done – and ours are done by amazingly creative graphic designers – are bright, unconventional, vibrant and stand out amongst the dull tones that surround people when they’re sitting in traffic.
  3. Car wraps are unobtrusive.

    • Cars that are wrapped do not block the customer’s view and neither are they present in places where you wouldn’t expect them. For example, you may have your TV show interrupted in an important scene by an ad, but vehicle advertisements are part of just another car. Simple, hard to ignore, and exactly where you’d expect it.
  4. Longevity

    • Car wraps last for a long time. Much longer than paper or digital advertisements and it’s not even comparable to forms of advertisements that customers simply throw away – have you gotten your mail today? The ROI on car wraps varies by industry, company and strategy, but you will get much more out of a car wrap than a piece of junk mail.


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