At WePrintWraps.com, we know that wraps come in quite a lot of shapes, sizes, and designs. Virtually all wraps are different and unique, designed by graphic designers to match the marketing strategy of every client. However, we do stumble upon wraps from time to time that are simply different, and quite out of this world.

Artist Joshua Vides designed a car wrap that makes the car look like a black and white sketch instead of a traditional car wrap design. Having previously designed sneakers along the same style, Vides has taken us by surprise with this creative, and brilliant depiction of what wraps can be.

Even we were fooled to see the Acura NSX, surrounded by the black and white environment, and it wasn’t until we read into it that we discovered that the photo is of a real, Acura NSX wrapped in vinyl! It genuinely looks like it came out of a sketch pad.

Vides explained how he accomplished the feat, first by installing a plain, white wrap on an Acura NSX and then painted over by hand to help create the illusion that the image is in fact only a sketch. The attention to detail is astonishing, especially when you look at the two black lines on the side window, a technique used to depict depth in a drawing.

The car wrap was designed, printed and installed for display purposes rather than as a marketing objective, but it’s great to see such creativity using car wraps.

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