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Why Invest in Fleet Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps represent a logical advance in the promotional techniques business owners have always employed by painting logos and slogans on their carts, cars, vans, or trucks. But instead of slathering paint onto the vehicle's body, vehicle wraps feature bright, colorful graphics and verbiage printed on durable vinyl sheets. These vinyl sheets are carefully pre-measured and cut so that they will fit a particular vehicle's body panels perfectly when adhered.

Powerful Promotion

Why is it just plain good sense to invest in fleet wraps for your commercial vehicles? First of all, you've already invested in the vehicles themselves. As your cars, vans, or trucks make the rounds of your community, they could be serving as mobile billboards promoting your products and services everywhere they go. Better yet, anyone carrying a smartphone can read your phone number and contact you on the spot. 

Cost-Effective Marketing

Fleet wraps offer unparalleled bank for the buck compared to other marketing tools and strategies. Consider the fact that an expensive print media ad might produce 45 or 50 impressions for each marketing dollar spent, while a typical vehicle wrap can generate close to 1,300 impressions per dollar invested. Consider, too, that a vehicle wrap makes over 100 impressions for every mile the vehicle travels. Now calculate how many miles your entire fleet covers in a day, week, month, or year -- and you'll have an idea of just how much business those wraps could produce for your company.

Memorable Branding

The whole brand of branding is to make a positive, memorable impression on your potential buyers. to achieve that goal, you don't have to inundate your target audience in explanatory text or tons of images; you simply need to present them with a clear, vibrant, self-explanatory visual statement that sticks in their heads and hearts. Expertly-designed fleet wraps can accomplish that objective for you. Our design team has a deep understanding of marketing principles and tactics. We know how to distill your message into clear, easily-perceived words and pictures. If you already have an established logo, we can make sure it occupies a prominent place on your vehicle wraps, along with any motto or slogan that automatically makes your customers think of you. Your commercial vehicles can then spread your brand message all over town, constantly reinforcing it in a memorable way.

Our 3-Step Process Makes It Simple

Once you've decided on the graphic elements for your fleet vehicle wraps, you'll be amazed at how easily you can turn your concept into reality, thanks to our streamlined 3-step process. Check it out!

Step 1:
Choose your wrap film and square footage or vehicle type. We Print Wraps offers a variety of high-quality wrap film products from such renowned manufacturers as Avery and 3M. If you don't know for sure how much square footage you're likely to need per vehicle, or the exact dimensions of each vehicle in your fleet, simply click on our reference guide to view the dimensions of various makes, models, and model years.

Step 2:
Upload your print-ready artwork to our site. We can advise you on the acceptable file formats, resolution ranges, and other specifications required to produce high-quality results. Sending those files to us is as easy as dragging the file into our upload box. Don't have your design squared away yet? Let our design experts bring your visual brand to life for you!

Step 3:
Get your printed vinyl wrap delivered to your door. Our professional team prides itself on its fast design and printing turnaround times. You won't have long to wait before your beautiful new fleet wraps show up at your place of business, all pre-cut to perfection and ready to be adhered to your vehicles. We're more than happy to refer to our nationwide network of installer providers.

Take Advantage of Our Super-Fast Shipping

Want to get your fleet wraps even more quickly? Take advantage of our super-fast shipping options. We can usually deliver your vehicle wraps to your door within 3 days or less. (We can deliver to Southwest states within 2 days, and deliver within Arizona in just 1 day!) Click on the "3-day or Less Shipping EVERYWHERE" button for full details. Get started today, and give your business a boost!

  • Andrew was so helpful and worked with me to meet the deadline we had- this product was super easy for our installer to apply. Will definitely be using these guys again!

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    Posted By : Windy City Arts LLC

  • I am so releived to have been referred to We Print Wraps, by Viking Media up here Cottonwood, AZ. I reached out to WPW & Trish Dill was very quick to respond & guide me throught their process. It's such a relief to have an actual person who literally knows the graphics, material, production & installation processes. It is veery rare to find a company that can provide legit knowledge. I then had the great opportubity to speak with Nate as well. What a blessing to communicate with 2 people in a row that have actual experience/knowledge in this business. Again, I am so pleased with the entire process from inquiry to upload of art tom production & then delivery of a high quality products actually delivered before expected. Most important for my end is the correct format the finished product arrived. Looks just like my file created the art, colors were perrfect. Very high end vinyl. THANK YOU WPW, Trish & Nate you rock!!!!

    4.94 out of 5
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    Posted By : allywood23

  • WPW does a great job for us. The product always shows up in a timely manner. It is 100% ready to install. The quality is top tier. My customers are thrilled with the results time and time again. We would highly recommend them to other design companies. Thank You!

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    Posted By : mark1

  • Absolutely love the product and especially love We Print Wraps! My go to for all my printed wraps

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    Posted By : Dan Stember

  • We have ordered wraps and decals from WPW quite a few times, and we always receive the best customer service and perfect products. Great job guys, and thank you very much. You are our go-to print shop.

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