The simple answer is Yes, but let’s find out more.

If you own a vehicle or a commercial vehicle for your business, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on one of the most efficient ways to advertise your brand and your company. Yes, you guessed it: car wraps. Car wrapping will envelop your var in a vinyl film that has been designed to take advantage of the car’s shape, aesthetics, available space and where it will be driven.

But what if you don’t want your entire car to be wrapped? What if your budget is smaller, but you still want to ensure that you get attention while the car is out and about? It’s quite simple: partial car wraps.

This alternative to a full car wrap is a budget-friendly, but still very effective way to increase awareness for your business, by displaying a logo, images, on selected areas of your car. For instance, partial car wraps can be installed on the back doors only, and this still makes it visible enough for people to notice either in traffic or when the car is stationary.

Advantages of using a partial car wrap:

  • Lower priced, and will fit most if not all budgets
  • A great way for first-timers who aren’t sure their buck will stretch for a full car wrap
  • Create a more consistent appearance across a wider variety of makes/models
  • Designs are more affordable
  • A faster ROI due to the lower upfront cost

It’s important to understand, however, that ultimately car wrap installation and car wrap printing and designing are crucial to ensuring that your car’s advertising potential is maximized. Hiring the right professional installer and the right designers is one of the most important decisions in moving forward with a car wrap project. Fortunately, we do both. Our state of the art equipment, amazingly creative designers and our network of installers will make sure that your project is done right, and your car will work for you.

  • Excellent Communication, and speedy Shipping!!! Great print quality as usual!

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  • Bought this wrap by the yard and was not disappointed! Super easy to order and the product was fantastic!!! Colours are amazing!! Haven't finished wrapping my jeep yet but she's 3/4 of the way completed and I couldnt be happier with it!!

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  • Always a pleasure to do business with. Trish and the whole team are always on point. Even caught a mistake before printing that saved me. TY!!

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  • We have used weprintwraps.com on 3 projects now and have had great results. Nate is easy to work with and very friendly. I would highly recommend these folks. Thad D. Owner Hero Graphics & Signs, Spokane, WA

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  • WPW offers a very reliable product that is popular in the wrap industry. Their reps are always helpful when answering questions and I would recommend them to other professionals.

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