Car wraps are extremely popular amongst the strategies that truly return an amazing ROI, and deservedly so. The amazing graphics that WePrintWraps.com designs and prints not only increase visibility and allow for your message to be spread to a significantly larger percentage of your audience, but it’s a relatively low-cost way of doing so. In other words, it helps you get more for your buck.

Car wraps can easily transform a car, truck, van, SUV, compact, sub-compact, sedans, or race car. In order for marketing to work, regardless of medium, a business needs to get the message in front of a potential customer, and do so for a large number of people. This is the only way to ensure that you get a high ROI (return on investment).

Driving your car is something you already do. Whether you go to the office, perform jobs at various locations throughout your city, deliver goods or services, and even if you keep the car in a well-traveled area, the car wrap will do its job. It’s an easy strategy to get noticed by your client base and get your products and services right in front of them. It really is as easy as driving through a neighborhood!

Here are some statistics to help you understand why a car wrap is an excellent marketing strategy for both small, medium and even large companies:

  • 96% of Americans use a car for travel every week and are exposed to a form of advertising while doing so
  • A car wrap has the ability to generate thousands of impressions in a single day (up to 70k impressions on a given day)
  • 30% of individuals exposed to mobile outdoor advertising base their decisions on ads they see



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