Important Information to Include on Your Fleet Vehicle Wrap

Fleet wraps on your business vehicles are a proven way to pep up your business’s brand. Commercial wrapped fleets are as unique as your business. Fleet warps make your brand go mobile. Keep in mind that the average driver travels around 35 miles a day. And two-thirds of consumers say that brand familiarity is a major factor in deciding what services to use and what goods to buy. Companies have a lot to gain. Fleet wraps are direct advertising to those people on the road. As vehicle technology evolves, companies using fleet warps to advertise are definitely poised to benefit. People on the road take in and remember the information that they see. It’s dream advertising for your brand. Stand out from the crowd and get noticed with a fleet wrap.

How Fleet Wraps are Made

Fleet wraps are a mix of high-resolution images and text printed as a vinyl graphic. After the design is agreed upon, graphics are then printed on adhesive vinyl. The vinyl is protected with a laminate layer for protection against debris, UV rays and dirt. A car wash is needed beforehand. Once cleaned, the panel is put on the car one at a time. The panels are marked and arranged to be fitted perfectly. The process takes about three to four days, depending on colors, size and details. Then your fleet-wrapped vehicles are ready to hit the road.

Design Tips for Your Fleet Wraps

The first tip for your fleet wrap is to plan carefully. Take the time to think about what you want your brand to look like and say to the public. You want to make sure that your message sticks in the minds of drivers on the road and pedestrians.  Don’t cramp with too much text and keep the graphics as simple as possible. Be sure to include the business’s name, phone number and website along with a catchy slogan. Leave some space to make it easy to view and read. Drivers on the road only have a few seconds to read it. While you may think the back and side of the vehicles are prime spots for a fleet wrap, consider adding text and graphics to the hood, too. People will see this when parked. In addition, the larger area gives you the opportunity to change up the graphics a bit. A little variety goes a long way when it comes to being noticed.

Message, Colors, Images, Typography and Space

A fleet wrapped vehicle is mobile signage, so keep the text, message and images simple. It’s impossible to display all of the business’s benefits, services and products. Keep in mind that wraps must be readable when driving on the highway and when parked. Be sure to highlight the company’s message with contrasting colors that catch the eye.  A good color scheme will allow the message to stand out and be visually attractive.  And when it comes to images, don’t overdo it. Too much and it will look like a hodgepodge. Resist the temptation to make your vehicle wrap a collage. The images should complement the entire wrap design, not overtake it. The message has to be legible when the fleet vehicles are both stationary and moving. Stick with a simple font and keep the size of it medium. Be sure to use the right spacing, too. Reverse the print on the hood. This way, the message can be read on a rearview mirror. Using white space effectively will accentuate the fleet wrap design. It will make the images and colors look better. White space allows both pedestrians and drives to zero in on your message, including the company name, phone number, address and website.

Doing It Yourself

It is not advised that you fleet wrap your vehicles yourself, especially if your commercial vehicles are trucks or vans. Leave it to the pros. The pros are certified and trained to do the job properly. If you attempt to do it yourself, you’re likely to wind up with a lot of problems. Fleet wraps require specialty tools, including scalpels, scissors and proper adhesion tools. Likely, you don’t have these specialized tools sitting in your shed. Fleet wrapping properly also requires exact precision. It needs to hug the vehicles tightly with no wrinkles or bubbles on the exterior. It takes a lot of patience, too. While it may appear to look like putting stickers on a vehicle, it’s a deceptively detailed process that takes a lot of labor. Keep in mind that fleet wrapping is a multi-staged process. Not only does the body of the vehicle have to be wrapped, but there are also specific installation steps for vehicle curves, roofs and windows. For example, applying the wrap to windows entails working with graphics on a perforated window film. This is very delicate.

Using a Professional Fleet Wrapping Company

The team at a professional fleet wrapping company will walk through the whole design process. They will listen carefully to understand your concepts, goals and requirements. They will make sure that your project is exactly what you need and exactly what you want. Everything will be provided to you, such as logo accents, colors and partial wraps. You’ll also be provided with proofs for their design for approval and a timeframe for the installation. And if you have any questions about the process or the costs, you’ll be provided with the right answers.

Today, vehicle fleet wraps are a popular choice for both small and large businesses. The side of fleet vehicles is an ideal advertising place that will be seen by hundreds of people. Basically, it’s fleet wraps are mobile billboards with ad space that you only pay for one. It doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to advertising and marketing expenses. You’ll save money and make money with fleet wrapped vehicles for your business. That’s why so many companies on the road use them.

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