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With all the vehicles on the road today, vehicle wraps are a way to gain attention for your business. All the people in those vehicles that you see on the road are potential customers for your business. If you’ve got fleet vehicles on the road, use the large colorful vehicle wraps to gain the attention of your target audience. It’s free advertising. Vehicles wraps are eye-catching and will get your business noticed.

All About Vehicle Wraps: What They Are

Vehicle Wraps display company colors, brand names, logos and contact information onto vinyl sheets. The vinyl sheets are cut to fit the individual panels of a vehicle. Once stretched and put onto the body panels, your company vehicle transforms into a mobile billboard. This type of advertising gains attention and new customers.

More Reasons to Use Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps give your business a big marketing boost. Even in the old days, businesses used this type of marketing on their horse-driven business carts. And it worked. Today, technology just takes vehicle wraps to a whole new level. Read on to learn the benefits of vehicle wraps.

  • Immediate Attention from the Public- Whether your fleet vehicle is parked or on the road, the colorful and engaging appeal of vehicle wraps gets fast attention.
  • A Large Audience: There’s Power in numbers- So how many people can you reach with vehicle wraps? With vehicle wraps, your marketing message travels with your company vehicle. You can reach thousands of people every time your company vehicle is on the road.  That’s more than other forms of marketing. It’s an effective, non-pushy way to advertise to potential customers.
  • The Cheapest Method of Advertising: Save Money on Advertising Costs-There’s no cheaper way to mass advertise your business than with vehicle wraps. Think about what you pay for billboard advertising, radio advertising, pay-per-click online ads and newspaper ads. You get more mileage out of vinyl wraps and value compared to these other types of advertising and marketing.
  • Protection for Company Vehicles: Keep Your Company Fleet Looking Good-Most people don’t think about the damage done to their vehicles from UV rays and other elements. Vinyl wraps protect the surface of a company vehicle and keep it looking brand new. You’ll get long-lasting protection with vehicle wraps.

What Types of Businesses Are Vehicle Wraps For?

Vehicle wraps work well for just about any type of business, whether it’s a product business or a service business. Think about all the wraps you’ve seen on vehicles for pest control companies, plumbing companies, landscapers, food companies and more. Any company in the business of transportation and hospitality is a good fit for vehicle wraps, too. Even law firms, medical clinics and pet grooming companies use vehicle wraps to promote business. If you want to establish the brand and get your message out, vehicle wraps are the way to go.

There’s Proof in the Pudding: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Number don’t lie when it comes to the effectiveness of company vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps make about 100 impressions per mile. And company wraps generate over 1,200 impressions for each dollar. Newspaper ads and magazine ads only generate about 50 impressions per dollar. So how much can you expect to spend? The answer is about 75 cents for every 1,000 impressions.

Tips to Get the Most Bang Out of Vehicle Wraps: Planning, Expertise and Skill

It takes planning, expertise and skill to create a good vehicle wrap. You’ll need to take the time to focus on the design, color and message that you want for your company vehicle wrap. Less is always better. Keep it simple, use easy-to-read fonts and bright colors. Complex designs will only take away from the impact of a vehicle wrap. Use wraps on the windows, too. You can cover these areas without impeding visibility. Panel wraps combine with window wraps adds a lot of punch and is a double whammy for viewers.

Keep in mind that your company vehicle wraps may need some tweaking with time. Make sure you get periodic updates for the best appearance.

Why Use We Print Wraps

We Print Wraps uses the latest technology and experienced technicians to create your company vehicle wrap. You get an excellent company car wrap with our services. Plus, we offer different options. You get to choose. You can order a branded design proof and receive up to three design revisions. Our experienced custom vehicle wrap designer will design a graphic vehicle wrap according to your specifications. We have experience providing custom vinyl wraps for trucks, cars, suvs and other vehicle models. Your order will include a design file for review and then prepped for printing. At We Print Wraps, we’ve got you covered. From the beginning to the final finish, we keep you in the loop.

There are so many reasons why using We Print Wraps for your fleet wraps is the best choice. It’s a no-brainer. Not to mention that we’re offering a special discount right now on all of our vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effect method of advertising for any business, and we’ve just made it even more cost-effective for you.

Looking to grow your business in 2021? Seeking to establish a brand? Want more folks to know who you are and what you do? Then, order a vehicle company wrap from We Print Wraps. You’ll be glad that you did. The year 2021 will be more prosperous for your business.

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