Wrap Those Fleet Vehicles — and Tighten Your Grip on Your Target Audience

If there’s one sight we’re all too familiar with in this day and age, it’s the image of oceans of cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles filling the parking lots and jamming the roads. When you look out at those vehicles from the cabin of your own car, you’re probably seeing immense opportunity in the form of countless potential buyers. Your eye may also be caught by large, colorful slogans and color schemes representing various commercial brands, products and services. So maybe it’s time you put two and two together by wrapping your own company’s fleet of commercial vehicles in eye-catching vinyl wraps.

What Is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap involves the printing of logos, company colors, brand names, contact information, and other advertising content onto sheets of vinyl. These sheets are then cut to fit specific body panels of a vehicle. These forms are then stretched and adhered to the body panels, essentially turning the vehicle into a mobile billboard for your business. The final results are usually far from subtle — and that’s a plus when you want to grab eyeballs.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to apply vinyl to every square inch of your fleet vehicles to make an effect. Under certain circumstances, you might settle for spot graphics applied to doors or see-through decals attached to windows. However, if you want to achieve maximum impact and enjoy all the benefits offered by this printing technology, you want to go for full-body vehicle wraps.

Why Vehicle Wraps Make Good Sense for Your Fleet

Vehicle wraps can provide your business with a huge, ongoing marketing boost. Entrepreneurs have been marking their vehicles with painted slogans and attention-gettin designs as far back as the days of horse-driven commercial carts. The current technology is simply the modern-day version of this tried-and-true form of advertising.  Consider just a few of the most important benefits you can experience, such as:

  • Instant attention from the general public – When drivers are stuck in driving, they’re desperate for anything colorful, engaging, or interesting to look at. Your commercial vehicle wraps will automatically grab their attention and hold it.
  • A wide, accepting audience – Wherever your vehicles go, your marketing message goes with them. You could reach hundreds of thousands of potential buyers each month, more than any other form of marketing you currently employ. Meanwhile, the non-pushy, non-invasive nature of vehicle wrap advertising prevents you from annoying your target market.
  • Cost effectiveness – You’ll never find a more cost-effective form of mass advertising than fleet vehicle wraps. Compared to the costs of pay-per-click, newspaper or billboard advertising, vehicle wraps give you the maximum bang for your buck. They also cost a lot less to change or update than many other forms of advertising.
  • Vehicle protection – Vehicles wraps aren’t just for business; they can also be good for your fleet of cars, vans, or trucks. The vinyl sheets offer long-lasting protection against UV rays (which can fade the paint), dirt, rocks, twigs, and other common causes of body or paint damage. 

Who Benefits From Vehicle Wraps?

If your company delivers people, products, equipment, supplies, or services, then you can most likely derive major benefits from fleet vehicle wraps. Trade providers serve as a perfect example. Think about the sheer number of wraps you’ve seen on vehicles belonging to plumbing companies, electricians, construction firms, landscapers, cable installers, pest control companies, couriers, and HVAC service technicians — just to name a few.

Anyone in the hospitality or transportation business can benefit from wrapping their vehicles. Examples include restaurants, food delivery and food trucks, hotel and airport shuttle services, taxi companies, and private ambulances. Providers or other services can also benefit. Your medical or veterinary clinic, pet grooming company, virtual assistant service, web development firm, law office, or just about any other service you care to name can get its message out via vehicle wraps.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Companies wouldn’t be flocking to vehicle wraps if this form of advertising didn’t deliver results. In fact, vehicle wraps rack up some astonishing statistics. Check out these numbers:

  • Number of impressions: Vehicle wraps make an average of 101 impressions per mile driven. That means anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day for many vehicles.
  • Impressions per dollar: On average, vehicle wraps generate 1,299 impressions per dollar spent on them. Compare that to the measly 46 to 50 impression per dollar generated by magazine and newspaper ads. 
  • Cost per thousand impressions: You can expect to spend an average of just 76 cents for each thousand impressions generated by your vehicle wraps.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Wraps

Of course, your fleet vehicle wraps will only achieve these impressive numbers if they’ve had the proper planning, expertise, and skill put into them. As you think about what you want to include in your vehicle wrap design, keep in mind that less is often more in terms of audience impact. Focus on bright, contrasting colors, simple statements, and large, easy-to-read fonts. Avoid intricate designs of long lists of products or services; they detract from the overall impact, and other drivers probably won’t be able to make out the details anyway.

Consider extending your vehicle wraps to include the windows as well as the body panels. Perforated vinyl enables you to cover these areas without impairing driver visibility. Your wraps will make an even bigger and more dynamic impression on observers.

Don’t forget that vehicle wraps may require wteaking over time. As your business evolves, so may your marketing message or contact information. Make sure your vehciles wraps receive periodic updates to reflect your current reality.

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